OUR Divisions

Star Energy Corporation Ltd..

Established in 1983 to manage and realise the aims and visions of Star Energy Group Ltd. The activities of the Corporation include international trading and shipping of petroleum products supported with management of chartering, blending, loading, discharge and inspection of petroleum products. Pursuant to these business interests the company has an impressive list of customers and clients, which includes national oil companies and international oil majors.

Star Energy Tanking Ltd.

Established in 2007, this is the Business Development arm of the company that was established to pursue and explore international petroleum oil storage business opportunities, and is presently aggressively pursuing opportunities in Africa, Asia, and the Indian sub-continent.

Star Energy Resources Ltd.
Star Energy Oiltanking.

Established in 1986, the petroleum storage terminal located in Jebel Ali, Dubai was commissioned in 1988. The terminal's design, operation, safety and environmental controls have resulted in many accolades from Government, Port Authority, and terminal customers for its excellence, and remains the only petroleum storage terminal in Jebel Ali port with two dedicated berths which assures its customers of fast/efficient vessel turnaround.

Star Energy Terminal Oman Ltd.

This subsidiary was the vehicle for partnership with Odfjell and Oiltanking GmbH through OOTO BV to facilitate establishment of the Sohar oil storage terminal, and other business interests in Oman in the name of OOTO & Co. LLC.

Oiltanking Odfjell Terminals & Co. LLC.

Star Energy Group Ltd is a partner in this storage terminal along with Oiltanking GmbH, Odfjell, and other local groups. Located in the port of Sohar just outside the Straits of Hormuz, the terminal was commissioned in 2008.